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Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.

Art is knowing which ones to keep. -- Scott Adams


Inbound strategies to advanced planning for promotional tradeshows.

Web Design

I've built a lot of sites including ecommerce and responsive versions.


With an eye for detail and composition, plus a touch of Photoshop.


No matter the format, good design works and solves the problem.

flexible design

Good design doesn't just fill a need, but conveys a message through thoughful insight and careful planning of perceptions.

Chris Erbach Design portfolio

Design Decisions

As an Art Director, I had to bring other people's words to life, visually creating the message.

I've designed brochures, ads, web sites, blogs, landing pages, catalogs, online ads, newsletters, trade show booths, large signage and just about anything else with pictures and words. Most worked, some not so much.

But from that I learned that you have to put yourself into the readers shoes to find the answer; never settle for the first idea; and always try something different. Challenge yourself and your audience to think. Humor works sometimes.

So does tension.

Marketing Services

From new product introductions to recognizing sales trends, good marketing takes data and converts it for the best use of resources and talent.

landing-page exampleI have been using HubSpot as my go-to for organizing and creating content for landing pages, email responses, workflows, calls-to-action, blog posts and organizing leads for potential-customer communication.

The data gathered here is essential to get a better view of our company's reach as well as a way of tracking interactions, allowing us to respond accordingly. And potential customers need to be put into workflows that reach out with additional content to educate and entice.
ads example

Ads, whether for web banners or magazines publication, need to clearly convey a message. Using tension, humor, imagery and type elements, I try to craft my advertising to fit the need by capturing an audiences attention and leaving them wanting more. Make it so they want to find out more about what you are selling.
trade show booth example
Organizing and running a trade show demands attention to detail, negotiating skills, and a creative touch to understand and implement the best tactics for communicating with a vertical market audience. You need to organize your team to understand the goals of the show and get them motivated to succeed with the leads generated at the show.

Months of planning go into a show. And when it's done, analysis of the show by all participants helps tune the next event.
brochures example

One of the basic needs of any company is the ability to inform their employees as well as the rest of the outside world. Clear, concise writing skills that convey your message are essential to communicate through press releases, videos, ads, corporate newletters, blogs, emails, web content, brochures and any other piece of the marketing puzzle.

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Hit me with an email. I live in Fox River Grove, Illinois.